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Autox Pics (and many others)

Subject: Autox Pics (and many others)
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 17:24:29 +0000
     Lately, I've been playing with a Photopoint site.  I now have 
four groups of pics.  Two are of autocrossing.  The others are also 
car-oriented.  One is of my turbo Miata (SM wannabe) and the other 
one is from a Houston Region meeting at Ferrari of Houston.  You 
don't get to see a disassembled F50 every day.  :-)
     If you want the original, larger pics, let me know.  Please tell 
me if your email account has a byte limit.  I CAN stuff a mailbox if 
you let me.  :-)

p.s.  Come back later.  I have this wild idea of romping all around 
the Texas Hill County this weekend taking lots pictures.

Mike Lowe
'96 Miata R (Go go gerbil power!)
'94 Miata FM2 Turbo (Gerbils on crack!)

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