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Subject: RE: DTN
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 15:24:29 -0400
"Wilson, Lindsay (L.S.)" <>

> Just spoke with Steve (ceo scca) Johnson.  He is quite appreciative
> of ALL the offers of cars for him to drive at Solo2 Nationals.  But he
> does have a request that it be an automatic tranny.  He hasn't driven
> a stick for decades and wouldn't want to 'hurt' anyone's car.

> So this rules out DGs attempt to 'pad' the SM numbers.  :)
> Thanks anyway Dennis.

Bah, he doesn't need an auto. I can teach him to drive the stick in the
Talon in 5 min - and he only has to make one gear change anyway. Get it
moving, stick it in second, and fuhgettabboutit.

If McKiver couldn't break this car, nobody can.

The offer is still open.


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