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Integra LS '96 - 15' rims for E-Stock?

To: <>
Subject: Integra LS '96 - 15' rims for E-Stock?
From: "Dmitry Akhootin" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 21:18:18 -0700
Is it possible to use 15x6 (e.g. GS-R) rims on my LS and still 
stay in stock class? (I have 14' steel now)

There's a couple of questions here, as far as I understand.
First, was 15' rims offered with '96 Integra LS?  I've heard there
was a "special edition" model, but could not find anything on the net.

Then, the other question is - do I understand correctly that if
there was no 15' rims option for 96 Integra LS, I can't legally
use them even though '99 and '00 Integra LS goes with those rims
as a standard equipment?


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