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Nationals Web Posting (need 2 more people)

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Subject: Nationals Web Posting (need 2 more people)
From: "Chris Hammond" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 07:27:48 -0500
I still need two more people for the Nationals Web Posting team. I need
one to work Thursday North Course, and one to work Friday North Course.
Let me know if you are running Tues/Wed and would like to work Thursday
or Friday. I'd also be willing to take someone who is running
Thursday/Friday if I can't get anyone who isn't running those days. If
you are running I would find coverage for the heats you are in


Here's a description of what nationals web posting entails.

After each heat on the course you are working you will pick up a floppy
disk from the timing trailer for that course that will have the text
results for that heat, drive/walk down to MTAA office, I believe that
will be the location just like last year. Then cut and paste the
individual class results from the text file onto an HTML page for each
class. You then upload those pages to the FTP server and you are done
for that heat. You will have to do this 5 times total, one for each heat
on your course that day, and then your work assignment is done for the
week. It isn't too complex, and I will have a meeting every morning to
go over the information for the workers for that day. You don't need to
have your own laptop, or internet connection. All you need is a basic
understanding of cutting and pasting, and maybe a familiarity with FTP.
I will be around and available all week to make sure this all gets


If you have any questions please let me know. 



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