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more manuals

Subject: more manuals
From: "Doug Miller" <>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 22:14:13 -0700
First, I've been off this list for a bit. I come back. Rocky still has 
common sense.


My impression of the protest process.
Someone thinks someone else is illegal. They have the courage and self 
respect to protest rather then whine.

The protestor provides whatever docs they think will help their cause. The 
protestee hits up anyone they can think of on short notice to cough up their 
own docs.

The PC at the event reads both versions of the docs. Hopefully one version 
includes the applicable rules, or at least some rules sort of related kind 

The PC measures stuff. This is IMPORTANT. They document stuff, and they come 
to a conclusion at the end of a long event in front of some pretty heated 
emotional pressures.

Everyone returns to their corners (homes). The "wronged" party appeals. They 
scrounge up MORE docmentation. The party in the "right" scrounges up even 
more docs if they want.

The appeals committee makes a final decision.

How important is it that the PC actually has every single stupid piece of 
documentation? The appeals committee can over ride them given better facts 

Maybe rather then PC the committee could be renamed to "MC", or measurement 

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