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Subject: Re: Something just added for Mineral Wells PS
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Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 18:52:32 -0400
Bob, I think you meant Snell MA 95 helmets.

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Subject: Something just added for Mineral Wells PS

> Please spread the word...
> Mineral Wells Marque Club Challenge May 20-21
> The SCCA ProSolo Department has created a new program at the Mineral
> Wells ProSolo aimed at marque club members who have never
> participated in ProSolo events before. Entrants will be given a free SCCA
> Trial Membership and a special class will be created so that marque club
> members can compete amongst themselves for bragging rights and cash
> prizes!
> b" For the Mineral Wells event the new Marque Club Challenge class is
> open only to competitors new to ProSolo (defined as drivers who have not
> run a ProSolo event in the last 5 years).
> b" The class is open to any make or model of car that can pass a basic
> safety inspection.
> b" They will be placed together in an index class based on how their car
> would be classed in SCCA Solo classes. If we get enough entries we can
> divide the classes by Marque so the BMW's can run against each other, the
> Subies can run against each other, etc.
> b" Each entrant will be given a free SCCA Trial Membership (valid for 15
> days). Within 30 days of the event entrants may apply this Trial
> Membership toward a $15 discount on a full SCCA membership.
> b" Entrants will pay the standard $85 ProSolo entry fee.
> b" After class competition is completed, the top drivers scored by index
> will be automatically entered into the Marque Club Challenge, a single-
> elimination runoff to determine an overall winner. If there are 4 or fewer
> entrants, it will be a 2-car runoff. If there are 5 or more entrants it
> be
> a 4-car runoff.
> b" The overall winner will receive a free 1-year SCCA membership, a free
> ProSolo entry at a future event, and a $75 cash prize from Vorshlag
> Motorsports. The Runner-Up will receive a free ProSolo entry to a future
> event and $25 cash prize from Vorshlag Motorsports.
> How to enter:
> b" Pre-entry is required. Entrants must download the ProSolo entry form
> from the SCCA website and fax it to the attention of Nancy Downing at
> the fax number shown on the form. (Online entries will not be accepted
> for this class.)
> b" Payment can be made by credit card on the fax form or by bringing a
> check to the event.
> b" Late fees have been waived for this event. We will accept entries into
> the Marque Club Challenge as late as 7:00 Friday evening at the event
> site. However, we are asking all competitors to please fax their entries
> to Nancy no later than Wednesday, May 17 if at all possible.
> b" Prior to the event drivers should try to familiarize themselves with
> SCCA Solo and ProSolo rules which are available for download from the
> SCCA website at
> b" Novice instruction in starting procedures and event format will be
> available on Friday afternoon and evening at the event.
> b" Drivers should bring their own Snell SA 95 or newer helmet as loaners
> will not be available at the site.
> b" Drivers should try to prepare their own easily legible car numbers and
> class letters according to section 3.7 of the SCCA Solo Rules, e.g.
> numbers minimum 8" tall, class letters minimum 4" tall. (The class
> designation will be "MC") Required decals will be available at the event
> site free of charge.
> More details and information about the Mineral Wells ProSolo can be
> found on the SCCA website at
> Other questions can be addressed to Bob Tunnell at
> before Wednesday, May 17.

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