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tires as furniture

To: "Ba-Autox (E-mail)" <>
Subject: tires as furniture
From: "Tibbals, Paul" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 09:08:09 -0800
James said,
        From: "James Creasy" <>
        Subject: used tires as table centerpieces

        martha stewart is on TV right now making used tires into table 
        channel 5 broadcast.

        this is not an april fool's joke!  (although i wish it wasnt true 
because it
        would make a great joke!!!)

                - -james
Hoo hah!  Who knew that I was a decoration pioneer about 20 years ago when I 
had those big Cragars with J60-15's holding up my TV table in the living room?  
I'll have to call my (ex)g.f. from that period and tell her that I was just too 
avant-garde for her.  

You sure that it wasn't an April Fool??   :)   PaulT

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