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UK Escorts (XR3i)

Subject: UK Escorts (XR3i)
From: jeffreys_m_j <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1993 15:16:46 +0100
I just so happen to have the Ford 1993 catalogue (Edition 2) on my desk, 
and the 1.8i hire car in question was probably the 'detuned' 105 bhp item. 
Indeed, the XR3i has this 'insurance friendly' engine as standard, with the 
130 bhp item an option.

Technical specs:

           Top       0-60      30-50      Ave.
          speed                           mpg(UK)

105 bhp    115        10        8.3        37
130 bhp    130        10        8.3        35

By the way, did the hirer (I forget their name) use the RDS radio? Does
such a system (Radio Data System) exist outside Europe? 

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