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Re: That's not a leak, It's *POURING* out!

Subject: Re: That's not a leak, It's *POURING* out!
From: Bob Lang <LANG@ISIS.MIT.EDU>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 1994 13:09:41 -0500 (EST)

LHD TR6's present a challenge when servicing the oil filter. This is well
documented both here and elsewhere, as Ken Streeter so aptly pointed out. In
fact, we have discussed this issue in the past. The general consensus is that
the RHD TR6 would be much easier to service WRT the oil filter cannister.

When my TR6 was a newer car, much of the service was done at the local Triumph
dealer. The method (flawed as it was) that the mechanics there used was to
disconnect the fuel lines from the fuel pump, and then remove the fuel pump
from the engine block. This apparently left plenty of room to service the oil
filter canister (e.g. remove it from the car for service). Now, the problem
with this method was that on multiple occasions, the mechanic would forget to
reconnect the fuel pump (in one way or another) or they would forget to remove
the Vice-Grips(TM) from the fuel hose. The net result was that Dad would pick
up his pride and joy only to have it stop dead at exactly the same spot about
half a mile from the dealer...out of fuel. He'd go back to the dealer and fetch
the mechanic who would bring just the right tools and fix the job. Apparently,
he (the mechanic) was quite practiced in this procedure.

As for the oil all over the garage floor Ken, I sympathize with you. I've
spilled my share of oil all over my driveway. But, I'll put in my plug for a
spin-on oil filter adapter: The very first part that I officially purchased for
my TR6 was the spin-on adapter. I have never looked back.

Oh, and there was a discussion here a while back on which oil filter to use. By
pure chance, I recently re-read an article from 3 years ago in the New England
Triumph newsletter on this regard. The filter to use on the TR6 should be the
FRAM PH3600 or equiv. This is the correct one because it has the capability of
passing oil even if it becomes clogged. The others (like the Purolator L20064
that I have been using) will not flow oil if they block. That's bad news for
the moving parts in your engine, and def. _not_ recommended. I'm going to go
pickup a bunch PH3600's for my next oil change.

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