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Re: Weber DGV and Color Tune

Subject: Re: Weber DGV and Color Tune
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 22:16:55 -0400
>>  writes:
>>     Does anyone have any experience tuning a Weber DGV? I have it 
>>     installed on a 1980 MGB. What's the verdict on Color Tune? Does it 
>>     work well? What's a good price for it? And last are there any tips to 
>>     using the Color Tune that anyone can give me?

Can I make a pitch for using SUs?  (Yes, I know that you have
already bought the Weber, but others may benefit.)  .  I have been
 running SU HS4s on my 1980 MGB.  I got a pair of used manifolds 
(intake and exhaust) from a pre-1974 B and a new head pipe.  I 
followed the tuning procedure in the Haynes MGB manual and have 
not touched them in almost a year.  I have no problem starting in 
most any weather, and the performance, especially low rpm torque, 
improved considerably.  All in all, a completely trouble free solution.

Peter Schauss

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