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Fw: New guy gets a roadster

To: "Craig Odell" <>,
Subject: Fw: New guy gets a roadster
From: "Bill Barber" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 19:14:05 -0700
Is this a coincidence? Or is my Dad not telling me something? (My roadster
is in storage in Sacramento at my father's house)
Guess I better make a phone call.

Craig, I wish you Godspeed (provided that is not my roadster) and enjoy the
ride. I have dreamed for 7 long years....

Bill Barber
SRL311-09363 (The Prodigal Roadster)

> Well everybody I leave this Saturday for the incredibly over-populated
> of California to meet my new Roadster.
> I talked to my dad, who is storing the car for me, the other day. We were
> talking about the work we need to do on the car.
> I mentioned off hand that I hoped the engine was strong. He gave a little
> choked cough and said oh it's strong all right.
> Now, people I've been sitting here in Montana for the last month
> daydreaming, night-dreaming, every type of dreaming, about this car. My
> has been taking my toy for joy rides at high speed around the block!
> It's killing me. Absolutely killing me!
> But the coolest part of the story was the sound of my father's voice. My
> never gets excited about anything. He was talking like a little kid. He
> called the car "a bomb waiting to go off" he also called it "the little
> zipper", and he made little speeding engine noises with his mouth over the
> phone to me. I am so excited and so is my dad for the first time in longer
> than I can remember.He said he has it in "launching position" in the
> driveway right now.
> I will see some of you in Sacramento.
> To everyone else.....Roadsters Rule!
> Bye for 2 weeks.
> Craig Odell
> 68 2000 (sight unseen)

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