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Fwd: anti-radar wax?

Subject: Fwd: anti-radar wax?
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 13:55:48 EDT


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Subject: anti-radar wax?

You might want to check this out!

                 Date Posted: Jul/13/2000 10:09 AM

               I'm not sure why the mods locked my post for this earlier
without an explanation and seeing as it is legal and does not violate
any FCC
               rules. I'm not condoning speeding, but I've been pulled
over twice and have been clocked above 10mph of what my actual speed
               Since I could not dispute the radar gun I had to pay the
fines. This would have helped me.

               They're having a special going on now.. it used to be
39.99 but now its 29.99 plus free 2day fedex shipping.. so far it looks
legit to
               me.. I read a bunch of reviews and stuff and its proven
to do what it claims it does.. anyone tried this yet?


               "Stealth Guard=99=92s use of Rad-X=99 is in full compliance
with all current and foreseeable FCC regulatory standards."

               Stealth Guard as Radar Absorbing Material

               Up to a 13% reduction in detection range at three
frequencies: X (original police radar), K (most prevalent police radar)
, KA and IR
               (called "Laser").

               By covering all of the metallic surfaces of your car with
Stealth Guard=99 Car Wax, you will effectively reduce your cars Radar
               Section, which determines the range at which Police
Radars "lock on" to your vehicle. Despite only a small reduction in
Radar Cross
               Section, this reduction can have a tremendous impact.
When used in conjunction with a radar detector this reduction can make
all the
               difference by allowing MORE time in which you can brake
to legal speeds after hearing an alert.


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