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RE: (air regulator)

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Subject: RE: (air regulator)
From: "Rob Robinson" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 16:09:01 -0500
Uhhhhh....  I have an air regulator on my roadster... ;)

Rob Robinson
EM 67 2000 (had an air reg on the U20, too)
Roanoke, VA

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> Hi Lisa,
> There are several women on this site. Actually some of them are 
> quite active 
> (on the site that is) The problem is your car is not the same as 
> our little 
> roadsters. You have an 85 300ZX. Its a nice car but 15 years more 
> modern than 
> anything on this list. We are the old farts. We fix rust and bend 
> soft top 
> frames. We don't have air regulators on our cars. If we can't add 
> oil to the 
> carbs and WHACK the distributor with a hammer to start the engine 
> the we are 
> lost.
> There is a "Z" list. Maybe someone can help you with that.
> PLEASE stay on this list,maybe we can convince you to buy a 
> roadster. They 
> are the coolest cars and will get you 10 times the attention that 
> your 300ZX 
> ever will.
> Good Luck,

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