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Re: R16 stroker

To: "Dan and Louise Yates" <>
Subject: Re: R16 stroker
From: "John F Sandhoff" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 19:59:39 -0800
It was asked:
> If a stock 1600 is 96 hp,stock 2000 is 135hp, and a solexed 2000 is 150hp,
> what kind of horsepower is a stroked 1600?

General seat-of-the-pants speculation a while back was that a properly
ventilated stroker would get maybe 125.

Nice thing about a stroker is the valve train is more solid than the U20
'blow my chain thru the valve cover' design. OHC is more efficient, so
HP numbers are a bit better, but longevity counts too :-)

-- John
     John F Sandhoff   Sacramento, CA

With both a 1600 and a 2000 so you can't say I'm playing favorites.
Plus a core 1600 that'll be stroked if I find 2000 guts for cheap :-)

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