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Roadster for sale in western NY

To: <>
Subject: Roadster for sale in western NY
From: "Paul" <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 18:02:57 -0400
  Below is the description of a 1600 (1969 or 1970) that recently came out
of hiding in New York near Jamestown.  I have not seen the car and I don't
know the owner.  I do have a few photos I can forward to any one interested.
It looks like a poor parts car a best.  Call Chester if your interested or
contact me of line for the photos.

>> hope the pics are there-if so call. car is rough-vin is
>> teo  bottom :22171 rest of plate not
>> legible. looks like wing-dows are in doors
>> broke ?..odometer shows 82409 last run 2-3 years ago..4
>> cyl 4 front frame there for pattern
>> only rough..wheels rusty and pitted...holes in
>> floor..couldn't see inside trunk..dash cover reaLLY
>> BAAAAAD.Seats there but bad...w/shield has BB hole pass
>> side..couldn,t check frame..pass door looks like it
>> win,t close..Owner: Chester VanArsdale 716-487-0172
>> (res) BA 716-665-3515 or 665-3517.the rest is up to you
>> guys..have a good one.

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