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Re: Update on roadster in Philly with locking brakes...

Subject: Re: Update on roadster in Philly with locking brakes...
From: dana nojima <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 10:34:30 -0700

Depending on how much you drive your car and how long it has been 
stored, you should check out the condition of your rear brake 
cylindars.  These are made of aluminum and I've found if they are 
leaking, tend to get a build up of corrosion, pit, and in general stop 
working.  Because they are aluminum they can not be honed.  It sounds 
like they are not releasing correctly, thus when you dive they heat up 
and lock up. If so THEY NEED TO BE REPLACED!  You can take them out and 
see if the pistons are able to move freely without hanging up. 


David Datsun wrote:

> List:
> A month ago, I sent a submission where I discussed the
> problem my brother was having with his brakes locking
> up after just 15 minutes or so of driving. We got lots
> of good advice.
> Some included:
> bad grounds from the engine to the frame so maybe the
> brake fluid was boiling
> advice to replace the front calipers
> advice to adjust the new brake master cylinder just
> installed.
> Well, this is what we did. Mike installed all new
> battery cables and made sure that the engine was
> definitely grounded. I went up this past weekend to
> have a look, and as I installed the new alternator and
> the new front calipers (I think $300), his old cables
> looked fine.
> We looked at the brake master cylinder; I don't think
> you can adjust the rod underneath. There is no
> adjustment on it like the clutch master cylinder.
> And, like I mentioned above, we replaced the brake
> cylinders with all new parts. Previously, we had
> installed all new rubber brake hoses.
> Mike forgot to order the wheel cylinders so we bled
> the brakes and headed out onto Kelly Drive for a nice
> open air ride at 1 am Monday morning. MAn,was that
> little car running like a top! It also looked so nice
> with it's new silver paint... We also had worked on
> his "new" 1971 Volvo P1800 all day replacing the front
> and rear suspension, brakes, and shocks. So, this ride
> at 1:30 am was soooo nice.
> Oh, oh, says Mike. The car is locking up again. Crap!
> We manage to get the road to an all night gas station.
> By the time, we come to a halt, the car is locked up
> again. We wait for an hour while the rear brakes cool.
> Finally, it's freaking 2:30 am, we start the car and
> attempt to drive home without pressing the brakes. I
> hold the emergency brake button in and pull up when we
> absolutely need to stop.  We get home; open the
> garage; drive in; I apply the brakes; it locks up. So,
> my question is, is it absolutely the rear wheel
> cylinders? He ordered them now.
> Thanks.
> David Wilson
> Washington, DC (waving the flag)
> Mike Wilson
> Philadelphia, PA (flag waver too!)
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