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Re: So, ya wanna build an engine?

Subject: Re: So, ya wanna build an engine?
From: "Mark Gill" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 01:03:47 +0000
Hello Listers,

Currently working on special project at a steel foundry which has sister 
iron and aluminum foundries.  Wood pattern to produce steel casting for 
cylinder heads and multiple core boxes for the air intake and water ports 
would be ball park pricing of $15K to $20K in U.S. provided someone had a 
dimensioned casting drawing before machining.

To reverse engineer it from an existing cylinder head would cost even more. 
The mold has to be produced oversized to the actual desired part to allow 
for molten steel to shrink in size as it cools.

Plus a lot of additional work to develop a casting that is free of voids or 
shrinks in critical areas.  The molten steel shrinks as it cools from around 
3,000 degrees and sacrificial risers of molten steel are required to feed 
additional hot steel in the exactly the right places to avoid a area void of 
steel in the wrong area.

You really need a Cad/Cam solid model drawing in Pro-Engineer or similar 
software program, that would allow you to model the steel solidification 
process and visualize critical shrink and void areas.  This helps prevent a 
lot of trial and error.

Production volume is required to offset the fairly high start-up costs of 
building a casting.  Generally tooling for Aluminum and Iron can be more 

Mark Gill
KO Steel Foundry
San Antonio, TX

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>Subject: Re: So, ya wanna build an engine?
>Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 04:49:13 -0600
>Interesting idea, Gordon, but where are we going to get timing gears? ;^)
>Best regards,
>Fred Schroeder
>Denison, TX
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> > Good Lord, what a project! Any moldmakers out there who want to do U20
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> > Gordon Glasgow
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