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Stroked 1600, part two

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Subject: Stroked 1600, part two
From: "Steven Hemphill" <>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 13:26:08 -0700
When I asked about the previous changes, what I had in the back of my mind
(for reference) was the BMW 2002, With a 2 liter motor, and only 8.5 to 1
compression ratio, the stock carb is a 32/32 solex 2 barrel. The better
upgrade, for both power and mileage, is the weber 32/36 DGV, and even better,
is the 38/38 Weber, although maybe a little over-carbed at top end, but better

The 1600 already has two 38mm SU's, and about a 9.0 to 1 compession ratio,
(with flattop pistons, and U20 crank/rods), and I do believe a better cam
grind to hold stock valves open a little longer to compensate for the increase
stroke maybe a cheaper alternative to alot of valve and head work. So those of
you who recommended a hotter cam to my previous email, thanks...I really had
forgotten how reasonable cost-wise a change like that would be. Any
recommendations as to who would grind the cam, and how to get ahold of them?

For reference, the BMW 2002 as above, has 95 HP, and the 1600 Roadster has
96...without stroking it. The Roadster motor is already a high performance
engine when compared to alot of same-period motors....domed pistons, solid
lifter cam, free flowing exhaust, a steel crank, and rods that look like they
cam out of a big block chevy.

Steve Hemphill

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