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Re: Stumbling Problem

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Subject: Re: Stumbling Problem
From: "Allen Blackmon" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 16:00:10 +0000

This sounds exactly like a problem I had with my car about a month ago.  I 
thought it was fuel lines, pump, etc.  What concerns me is that you say you 
picked up a fuel filter at NAPA.  Was it the one they list for our car?  If 
so, try a Nissan/Datsun one for our car or early Z.  It took me forever to 
figure out my problem because I put in the new Napa filter, etc. as well so 
I figured filter couldn't be at issue.  Car ran fine at idle or on flats.  
Any type of hill or any real load casued car to stumble.  I put in a Nissan 
fuel filter and car runs just fine.  Anyway, that filter was the problem 
with mine.  It may not be yor problem, but I do note that my fuel pump 
couldn't fill up the NAPA filter but fills up the Datsun one just fine.

My amatuer advice.

1970 2000
Wenatchee, WA

>From: "Tom Hendricksen" <>
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>Subject: Stumbling Problem
>Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 13:58:12 -0700
>Today while I was driving my 2000 it started missing in 4th and 5th gear on
>the freeway.  As I continued to drive the miss became a stumble and started
>noticeably effecting lower gears as well.
>I figured it might be a fuel problem and stopped at NAPA and installed a 
>fuel filter.  The car seemed to run better for a little while, but not 
>Next I stopped for gas because the gauge was below 1/4 tank.  That seemed 
>help for a few miles, and then the stumble began to return a little faster
>than before.
>I got the car home and let it sit for 45 minutes or so.  It had seemed to
>run better after sitting before.  Not this time.  I knew before I was out 
>the driveway (150') in reverse that it would not run well.  It seems to
>start and idle very nicely, but will not deliver power when needed.
>I think I know it is not the fuel filter, so that leaves the fuel pump and
>crud in the tank.  Maybe the coil? I had the tank steam cleaned last year.
>The fuel line is original.  There was a layer of mud in the bottom of the
>fuel filter I removed, so that was a good move.  The fuel filter NAPA sold
>me is a metal inline, so I can't see inside of it.  I will locate a correct
>filter soon.
>My question is about the stock fuel pump.  Will it go away slowly like 
>or does it just die.  I don't remember loosing a fuel pump before, so I
>don't know what to expect.  Is there a filter screen in the tank that is
>getting filled up with crud?
>69 2000 "Mr.. Hyde"
>Portland, OR

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