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Re: Question about Aluminium Oil Pans

Subject: Re: Question about Aluminium Oil Pans
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 21:04:22 EDT
Ivin, pretty neat oil looks nothing like the Roadster comp oil pan, 
which is basically a deep rectangle or box, not the pan you've got.  Others 
with 'way more experience than me can answer more about whether or not it'll 
fit, but you would think that if the oil pump intake for your motor fits inside 
it and the bolt holes and gasket line up then it should work.  That does bring 
up a question, there a baffle assembly inside it?  Maybe you should 
post a picture of the inside of the pan...

Fred J.
'69 SRL and yes, I have a comp pan (but no baffle for it)

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