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Re: Watanabe Wheels

To: Aaron Spesard <>
Subject: Re: Watanabe Wheels
From: Dennis Currington <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 20:52:38 -0700
Aaron Spesard wrote:

> Somebody had a set of 14x6 watanabe wheels on ebay: 
> Reserve was 600, said he'd take 450, which is too much for me since 
> I'm getting married and going to mexico in a few weeks, and I'd like 
> that to be a good time. 

Keep in mind that these wheels require a "special" taperd lugnut that 
run $200/set new.

Some of you may remember, I found out the HARD way at Thunderhill.


Dennis Currington
San Diego
1967.5 Solex 2000 
1971 240Z - IZCC# 10745

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