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Re: Spray vinyl color?

Subject: Re: Spray vinyl color?
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 11:21:20 EST

   I am in the process of gathering materials to redo the interior of my car 
and wondered what was originally used to cover the package shelf and the back 
wall. I want to stay close to stock as much as possible. It seems that I 
recall the package shelf to be of a vinyl but what of the rear wall? Was it 
or carpet material? I've always loved the tan on red scheme and so decided to 
under take this project after seeing a beautiful pic of one at the roadster 
registry, belonging to one from SEROC. I plan to have the two seats done by a 
shop and then go ahead and spray all the interior vinyl and lay some darker 
carpet. Anyone have any yays or nays they can share with me about those vinyl 
sprays? I tested an area on some junk vinyl and it seems to hold up very well.

                                        Tom 69/2.0

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