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Re: Oil blow-by

To: "Marc Tyler" <>,
Subject: Re: Oil blow-by
From: "Eric Frisbee" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 15:56:25 -0600
Sweet!!  I know exactly what you are talking about and think I can rig a
very temporary one out of an old oil bottle!  Excellent suggestion!  It will
also give me a very solid idea of how much oil is leaking/blowing out,
instead of guesswork!   Thanks!!


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Subject: Re: Oil blow-by

> What about a small 'catch can' connected to a tube from from the PCV
> fitting on the valve cover. You could have a second line running from
> the can to the filter for crankcase ventilation. Imagine the two lines
> going thru the lid of the catch can.  With any luck, most of the oil
> would drip into the container, while positive crankcase ventilation was
> maintained.  Perhaps a baffle between the in and out lines would help
> isolate the oil better.  does this make any sense?
> On Mar 25, 2004, at 1:12 PM, Eric Frisbee wrote:
> > In the mean time, does anyone have some suggestions as to "filter" this
> > airborne oil so that the car  has only the hot air/exhaust gas from
> > that
> > 'PCV' fitting and not splatter that little bit of oil on my nice clean
> > engine and header?   I'd say the car is spewing about 1/2 teaspoon per
> > 25
> > mile trip... not a lot, but when it hits that header, it makes a nice
> > burnt
> > oil smell that is just so pleasant to breath!    As a temporary
> > Bandaid, I'm
> > taking some hose and routing that oil/air mixture underneath the car.
> > Looking forward to the brainstorming!!
> >
> > Eric

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