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More of "You might be a roadster maniac if ....."

To: Datsun Roadsters <>
Subject: More of "You might be a roadster maniac if ....."
From: Gary Boone <>
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 21:58:35 -0600
Hey roadster fans, a long overdue update to:

You might be a roadster maniac if:

1. There is a fine line between a hobby and mental illness.  It's not a hobby 
for you and you don't even know where the fine line exists.  
2. You email photos of your roadster to yourself
3. You learn to be proficient at html for the sole purpose of making a web site 
just for your roadster
4. You throw your body on your roadster to protect it in a hail storm.  Then 
you think the knots on your head don't hurt too bad.
5. You change the air in the tires regularly "just in case" 
6. When you first heard of muffler bearings and piston return springs, you 
called all the vendors to see if they were available for your roadster
7. You laugh at all those wimps with power seats, power steering, power 
windows, and power locks.
8. You constantly have to explain to people what a Datsun is
9. You cry when you see the salt truck
10. You have all the roadster vendors on speed-dial
11. You check eBay every 15 minutes for roadster parts even when you're late 
with your critical project on your job.
12. If you get rid of your trash through the floor boards
13. If you own four of the same roadster and only one runs.
14. You see as roadster in town and then post all over the internet to find out 
who it belongs to, even when you really don't care.
15. You find a random bolt on your driveway and you can tell exactly where on 
your roadster it's supposed to go.
16. You can estimate the build date of a roadster with an accuracy of plus or 
minus 6 months before it gets within 100 yards of you.
17. Instead of being greeted with "How are you?" people say "How's the 
18. You've considered building a shrine to Mr. K. in your living room. 
19. Your mechanic refers to you as his "residual income." 

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