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Possible Good News for Arizona Roadsters

Subject: Possible Good News for Arizona Roadsters
From: Stan Chernoff <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 08:42:25 -0800
This is copied from Hemmings e-Weekly Newsletter.  Sounds like if EPA
approves you folks have it made.


Cheaper in the desert
Arizona's HB 2017, introduced for the 2006 session, comprehensively revises
the state's old-car registration statues. 
It provides for a $16 one-time registration fee for vehicles 25 years old
and older. The bill also provides for a $50 one-time license-plate fee and
a one-time $34 vehicle-license tax for these vehicles. 
The measure also allows the director of the states Department of
Environmental Quality to enact an exemption from emissions inspections for
25-year-old and older vehicles.
A minor side note of the bill is a description of a "collector" class of
vehicles, in addition to the usual "classic" and "antique." Collector
vehicles are defined as either 
A.) At least 15 years old and "of unique or rare design, of limited
production and an object of curiosity," or 
B.) "Maintained primarily for use in car club activities, exhibitions,
parades or other functions of public interest or for a private collection
and is used only infrequently for other purposes," and have "a collectible
vehicle or classic automobile insurance coverage that restricts the
collectible vehicle mileage or use, or both, and requires the owner to have
another vehicle for personal use." 
The main purpose of this definition is related to legislation enacted last
year giving these cars an exemption from emissions inspections (EPA
approval is pending). We mostly love the thought of a 15-year-old "object
of curiosity." 
- By David B. Traver Adolphus 

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