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Re: [Roadsters] Losing my cool

Subject: Re: [Roadsters] Losing my cool
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 15:29:41 EDT
I had a high density core put in. No more problems.
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I did a  re core years ago for my 1600 to three rows, worth the money  

Gary C

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Sent: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 10:44 am
Subject:  [Roadsters] Losing my cool

Hey Listers,

Took the car out for a  spin this last weekend and about 1/2 WAY through 
drive I noticed  the car starting to overheat so I headed home. When I 
got home
I  checled the front of the car and uh-oh...

It looked like coolant had  been splashed all over the grille. After the 
cooled off enough I  attempted to put some water back in and upon 
checking, saw
a nice hole  rght in the front of the radiator streaming water like it 
taking a  leak (literally).

So it looks like the radiator is shot. So to the list  I ask what is the 
course of action?  Do I just take it to a  radiator shop to fix or 
should I buy
a three row radiator? Do three  rows make that much of a difference over 
stock unit?

Any  help appreciated.

Andrew Murphy
1966  1600

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