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[Roadsters] Paint Code 665 Yellow

To: Datsun E-Mail List <>
Subject: [Roadsters] Paint Code 665 Yellow
From: Keith Downing <>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 16:15:17 -0700 (PDT)
Hey List.  I'm going to paint my engine bay (currently black).  I'd like to
match the stock color exact, or as close to exact as possible. The car is
currently yellow but it's not the stock color and too bright/dark for me. I
a rebuilt U-20 going in, so I want to paint the engine bay now,
and match the 
rest of the car at some point in the future.

Rallye lists the
cross-reference of Datsun 665 Yellow as PPG # 81768.  I called 
my local
Automotive Paint Supply Store to see if they had it. They were very 
but said the PPG color is not a current color.

Does anyone have a different
cross-reference number for 665 Yellow.

Thanks in Advance. I will post this
question on as well.

Keith Downing

p.s. if anyone in the Southern
California area has a stock 665 Yellow Datsun, 
and has a part I could borrow
to get a color match from, I would certainly 
appriciate it.

Engine Bay:
Suggested annual donation  $16.00

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