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Re: [Roadsters] Time for my car to come back from a long sleep, some hel

Subject: Re: [Roadsters] Time for my car to come back from a long sleep, some help needed
From: Mark Miller via Datsun-roadsters <>
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 12:31:51 -0700
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Many many thanks to all who filled in the missing section of my brain.  
Mike Young has been contacted.  Hope to see some of you on the road this 

On 5/10/2020 4:33 PM, Mark Miller wrote:
> Hi. I've been remiss on keeping my roadster on the road, and it is 
> time to fix this.  It's been 4 or 5 years . . .
> It's last nap of more than a year ended when I had someone replace the 
> clutch and also tidied up a bunch of other things it needed, back in 
> 2001 or so.  That worked out so well, with the car running beautifully 
> afterwards that I'd like to do it again.  If only I remembered who did 
> it. . .  If I had better records and/or brain I'd know who it was and 
> have contact info but I know I can ask this list who will of course be 
> able to figure it out. I have a receipt but it doesn't show a name or 
> contact info.
> It was someone in Lake county who came and towed my car back to their 
> shop, did his magic, and then brought it back (or maybe I went and 
> picked it up?).  I was in Alameda at the time.  For a bonus: I've 
> since moved to Sebastopol, so it is a much shorter commute.  I 
> understand that this was 19 years ago, but we are all crazy (in a good 
> way) on this list and the likelihood of them still playing with our 
> little cars is pretty good.
> It ran when I parked it (yeah right, everyone says that... but for 
> real here).  Now it (at least) needs the hydraulics and fuel 
> system/carbs wrung out, probably some more as well. And I need to get 
> it new tires before it can be moved around at all, 2 are flat/rotted 
> and all are showing cracking.
> Thanks all!
> Regards,
> Mark Miller   707-490-5834
> 69 RHD 2000, w solexes and a factory hardtop



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