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RE: More Tustin Thunder

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Subject: RE: More Tustin Thunder
From: Alexander Joseph H <>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 09:08:12 -0500
Good to hear from you Jeff...wondered where you have been.

Running your hubs yet. Last check of end play made me believe that the hub
has stabilized. Have not checked from last weekend's race yet, however.

Shame on you for not joining us at IRP, BTW.

Jack and I have small stock of original hubs, if anyone needs one or two. I
increased my stock of hubs by two, a few weeks ago...aaaack!

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Thanks for the great photos!  Always enjoy seeing lots of TRs at
a race track.  I couldn't help but notice a blue bag of what
appears to be "Kitty Litter" between Mordy's and Smock's TR4s.  I
guess this is just for affect as I know Triumphs don't leak any
oil! :)

I have to add to the transmission problem list.  After flogging
my TR3 at the VSCDA Grattan event a couple months ago we found
broken bits of stuff in the gear box.  Haven't had time to
dismantle it yet, but I think that makes about 6 or 7 FOTers with
broken trannies!

Also discovered a cracked rear hub (original hub, not one of my
new designs) after the same race.  Why am I running original
hubs?  Long story.... but I don't have any left anymore!!

Vroom, vroom...........

Jeff Snook
Battle of Britain Racing wrote:
> Did I mention that Mordy had transmission problems?  The case was cracked
> almost completely through.  The white TR4 in front is Paul Smock, good
> and co-founder of E Ticket Triumphs (with Bill Burroughs).  Very fast and
> always reliable.
> Chuck
> Spitfire Racer
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