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2nd Anniversary - FOT

To: "'Amici Triumphi'" <>
Subject: 2nd Anniversary - FOT
From: Alexander Joseph H <>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 10:27:44 -0500
The 2nd Anniversary of the FOT is upon us. It has been two years since John
Lye and I started noodling around with the idea of a list of dedicated to
folks who were interested in the more technical/competition side of
Triumphs. I asked him how to do this and he suggested Mark Bradakis and his
server. The Friends of Triumph List was born and it has been very
successful. Much good has come of it.

Thanks everyone, for your participation. It has been great.

On another note....I still have about 40 "Amici Triumphi" decals that were
designed by Greg Petrolati, (An idea from Mordy Dunst) and purchased by me.
The cost of these decals are $4 each including mailing. I'll pay the
postage.  These are being seen on cars all over the U.S. Another good place
to put one is on the front of your helmet. An Exacto knife works quite well
to remove the excess white background, before application. 

There are several new "members" and I thought I should open the offer up.
Multiple decals are encouraged. If there was enough interest, I could look
into another run of Patches. Hate to say this, because I swore I would not
do this again. A lot more work than you might believe.

By the way, the FOT has gotten some very good press from the U.K. Published
magazine of Paul Richardson in the last two issues. Las issue included a
wonderful color photo of new found friends and competitors, Mordy Dunst and
Jeff Snook. 

Forthcoming issue is likely to feature one of the best known TR3 drivers in
the Midwest. 

Triumph Over Triumph is the name of the magazine and it is a collector

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