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RE: Gearbox Info Needed

To: "'Alexander Joseph H'" <>,
Subject: RE: Gearbox Info Needed
From: "Will, Dale" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 14:01:06 -0700
I bought a TR-4 OD box which had been in head on for my 3a.  It too broke
around the bell housing.  I was assured on purchase that the box was a
recent rebuild.  That might have been true, but it turned out that the
impact from the crash broke virtually every piece of brass in both the box
and the OD.   I would check everything very carefully.  Also the OD adapter
plate was bent to where it wouldn't seal.   I was ultimately able to combine
this pile with the remains of my old TR-6OD box which had also seen better

The OD and nonOD gear cases are the same.  I think all the TR-4 input shafts
are the same, but not so TR-6, which had three variations.

BTW,  the pilot bearing in the Gloria has ball bearings.  Mine had nearly
seized because the hole in the flywheel went out of round. That is now
cured.  I am interested to see if the 62 year old Triumph synchros fair
better with less friction in the pilot bearing.


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> Subject:      Gearbox Info Needed
> I have (had) a TR4 or TR4A Overdrive Gearbox that was in the TR3A crash. 
> When I took the engine and transmission out of the car it came out in two
> pieces without removing any fasteners. Get the picture? Broke the bell
> housing all of the way around. 
> Uncle Jack has a gear box housing from a TR4 Non-Overdrive that might be
> used as a donor. 
> The OD and Non-OD cases are interchangeable...right?
> He also has a TR4 input shaft....mine had the pilot diameter broken
> off....anything to watch for here.?
> Thanks....
> Joe

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