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From: jmwagner <>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 16:36:43 -0700
I need to clean out some space.... and a little cash for the TR wouldn't

1  Right Hand Crash Pad with grab handle  (TR 4A, etc.)
    Pulled from a parts car.  Looks like it was a replacement part that
only saw a couple years in use.
    Very good condtion...Nearly new.   $10.00 plus shipping.

1  Spitfire4 (MKI) (and others?)  Knee Pad... goes on the center dash
support.  I think it's the left side.      But I'll need your help to
identify.  (I don't have a spit)  Has a small slit it in... that could
be easily repaired... otherwise... pretty good for an old part.   $10.00
plus shipping.

1  TR 6 Spin on Oil Filter adapter.  You'll need to buy an O-ring for
it... Otherwise, I think it's ready to go.   I'll refund purchase price
if it doesn't fit or work right.  It's new.  I think I bought this one
by accident in the early 80's... and never returned it.  Never used.
Will discuss details with potential buyer. $10.00 plus shipping.

1 TR 250 ??  Brake Master Cylinder AND Vaccuum Servo...  Removed from a
parts car.  Worked when removed... about 4 years ago.  Will probably
need rebuilt kit for master cyclinder.   dirty, surface rust, etc... but
all there... and can be manually moved... (i.e. not seized)...   Number
on side of master cylinder is 64676258   (I think that's what it says.)
And a big "C" out near the end.   Plastic cap says "Griling Lttd.
England, Consult Owners Handbook, 64477756    $50.00 plus shipping.

2 Bonnet Locking handles... early spitfire, I believe...  has  a "M" on
the chrome face... fair condition, still work... FREE, except you pay
shipping.   If you only need one, let me know... in case more than one
person asks.

1  Fiberglass TR 4 through 250 Bonnet.  Not cracked, etc, but, Needs
clean up and some repair around hinges, etc.   Good for a vintage racer
that wants to reduce weight and repair costs.   $25.00 plus shipping.
(Will ship without box... just as is with label on it.)

1  TR 250 ?  Steering Wheel  3 spoke, black...  fairly good
condition.... Ready to use... but would need to be worked on to bring it
back to concours, etc.   $50.00  plus shipping.

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