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To: Paul Fitzsimmons <>,
Subject: Re: Want Ad
From: "Jon Baker" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 19:07:03 -0600
I was talking to a roofer the other day who wanted to place an ad for a
female companion who wants to live deep in the hills, can plant garden,
cook, screw, do minor repairs with direction, deaf, dumb, and owns
controlling interest in a liquor store - during off season when he can't
roof. He's thinking of giving up "trapping" in the off season.  It is a
strange life we live. 
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>Subject: Re: Want Ad
>Date: Wed, Oct 21, 1998, 3:17 PM

>Might be a little on the impersonal side.
>In Prairie du Chien last Sunday saw a beige/gold full sized van, older model,
>with a 1995 ELVF sticker by the trailer hitch, Blackhawk Co. plates.  Anybody 
>Alexander Joseph H wrote:
>> If it wasn't so funny, I wouldn't do this. Why does it make me feel a little
>> like a PIMP?
>> Fitz...does this qualify as an ad for your VSCDA newsletter...or does this
>> fall under the category of PERSONALS?
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>> Joe Put this on the wire for me.  "Vintage TR4 Racer in need of a female
>> companion for the 1999 season. Anywhere between the ages of 21 & 46. Must be
>> fit to help with pit crew chores and setting up canopy. Definately must be
>> cheery and upbeat at all race events. Complimentary to driver a plus as well
>> as beautiful enough to make the Porsche drivers drool. Must be able to keep
>> a
>> straight face while listening to bullshit and spy on other teams. No
>> experiance necessary. Will train. Driver will cover all meal and hotel
>> exspenses plus offer bonus incentives. Daniel Buxner, LaMotte IA.

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