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Subject: Re: Re: trivia
From: "jonmac" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 08:49:12 +0100
> OK, John beat me to it on the telegram.
> BTW,  the Berkley Square phone number in London was Grosvenor 8181
> I think John worked there at one time and likely can confirm this.

Ah, well here we venture into strange country. It might well have been 8181
I'm assuming that sometime post 1960 when Leyland took over STI, the number
became GROsvenor 6050. It was this number when I worked there and as this
Leyland's own number on the sixth floor of Berkeley Square House, one can
speculate on the fate of 8181. My personal view is this change was not in
the best 
interests of STI because it took longer to dial 6050 than 8181. A lot
harder on the 
index finger

Splitting hairs perhaps, but these things should be considered


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