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Re: Timing Wierdness...

To: Bob Lang <>
Subject: Re: Timing Wierdness...
From: Tom Strange <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 17:06:39 -0700
  Not surprising at all.  Talk to any requtable race shop, & they will tell you
that part of balancing & blueprinting (basic requirements) an engine for racing
includes "trueing" the crank for problems such as this.  Unless it is a billit
crank, machined from a solid piece of metal, ...... these problems exist.
  Your triumph has been running just fine this way; unless some brutal outside
force has caused this condition, the crank has probably been this way since 
birth &
will live a long & happy life.
  Just my .01 1/2 worth.
Tom Strange, Classic Autosports Ltd., Appleton, Wi.,  920-733-5013

Bob Lang wrote:

> Hi,
> ICyls. 1 and 6 are 360 out of phase... so I figure that putting a timing
> lite onto the plug wire for 6 should show up on the crank pulley with the
> same timing... right?
> Well, it looks like my cylinder 6 is about 4 degrees retarded from
> cylinder 1. That is wierd. I changed to another distributor cap, thinking
> that maybe my cap had some carbon tracking in there that was throwing
> things off, but the indication was exactly the same with a brand-new cap.
> Anybody have an educated guess as to why one cylinder might have the
> ignition retarded by 4 degrees or so??? I know that VW did this on the
> Type 1 to help cylinder 3 run a little cooler, but that was an air-cooled
> engine... but a TR6???
> Enquiring minds want to know. And TIA
> rml
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