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SVRA TR/MG Challenge

To: Amici Triumphi <>
Subject: SVRA TR/MG Challenge
From: Susan Hensley <>
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 21:46:32 -0600
Hi all!

I have to agree about the "non-competitive" SCCA Triumphs -- Tristan 
was/is built as an SCCA car (fiberglass bonnet and deck lid, flares out 
to there, 8 1/2" cantilever Yoko's, etc.), but I am working to bring him 
back toward vintage.  I think SCCA racing looks like lots of fun, but is 
very aggressive and anyone can drive just about anything.  The previous 
owner drove Tristan successfully here locally, and did well within his 
class, but, let's face it, Tristan, as a 1300 Triumph Spitfire, just 
isn't up to snuff against lots of other cars in the SCCA.

I am totally out for the fun factor, the challenge, and the learning 
process, so I want to run vintage, and will be doing so with Corinthians 
at Texas World in College Station when I get Tristan back together.  I 
really appreciate vintage racing for this opportunity, and I am pleased 
to see most people who run with Corinthians are out for the same thing. 
 Tristan has done 122 mph (push, push!) on the Texas World straightaway 
and out-accelerates most Ford Fiestas and stock Hyundais ;), but when my 
face hurts from coming in from the track because I have been grinning so 
hard, nothing can top that.  That's what I like about vintage.  Anyone 
can take a car and stuff modern gadgets into it to make it go fast 
(which does have its merits!).  But vintage racing takes real spirit and 
love of the cars and the sport.  I wouldn't use "gentlemens' sport" to 
describe SCCA racing.  Perhaps "ba**s to the wall" is more descriptive. 
 If I had a more modern contender, I'd probably be doing it!  But my 
love is for the older, history-making cars, so vintage is where I'll be.

On to another subject: I finally found another job after losing my last 
one to my boss's wife :/ and have just completed my fourth week there.  
I am director of marketing for BearCom (two-way communications 
distributor and renter) and am really enjoying my job.  One cool thing 
is that we are distributing Iridium phones and pagers (satellite 
network), and Iridium is about to come on line in the next couple of 
weeks.  Stay in touch with the same phone number anywhere in the world! 
 Wow.  (No sales pitch -- I just think it's really neat.)  I am looking 
at buying a house in about 5 months (Scary!  Exciting!) and that *may* 
derail my vintage racing efforts for a while.  I should be able to 
continue autocrossing, though.  I hope desperately to be able to get up 
to the SVRA challenge, with or without Tristan.

I hope ya'll have had a great Halloween!  I did -- I went to the auto 
swap meet at Texas Motor Speedway.  I found an AMF motor bike and it is 
now in my garage.  It's the 70's moped you pedal, then switch the engine 
on.  I think it'll be great for the pit areas!  I took it out on the 
track, but no speed records there! (Okay, maybe the slowest vehicle on 
the track! ;)  I also found a Texas license plate that says "R-J TR6" at 
an old license plate vendor.  Thank I'll put it on the garage wall 
(unless anyone out there owns a TR6 and has the initials RJ -- I might 
be persuaded to part with it).  There was one very sad TR3 there from a 
salvage yard in Tulsa that the owner wanted $3500 for!  It looked to be 
about an $800 car...  

Keep Triumphing,
Susan   :)

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