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Re: Future FoT Challenge Race A-Proposal

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Subject: Re: Future FoT Challenge Race A-Proposal
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 19:54:56 EDT

Where the Kastner Cup is concerned it is stipulated that each year it 
alternate locations geographically. The first year it was at Mosport in Canada, 
second year it was at Buttonwillow.  The next time it will likely be at Road 
Atlanta. In 2006 it will move further westward, once again. 

Alternating locations is  good thing, because once it gets on one side of the 
Continental Divide, it might have a hard time getting this coveted prize back 
over to the other side of the mountain.

The FoT is made up of some very unique individuals and it only takes one to 
step up and make a proposal. North American choices in racing is far too wide 
spread and not everyone will be satisfied all of the time, but it seems to work 
out one way or another. It usually involves someone who is willing to do the 


Joe (A)  

> How about move back and forth? East one year, Central, then west. A chance 
> for all to participate.
> Dave Y.

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