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Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 20:31:33 -0700
Terrific stuff..Thanks!
Racer Bud..Spitfire #21
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> Hi,
> My friend Randy Zoller (Heritage Motorsports) was nice enough to give
> me a little cyberspace on his web page to post videos and pictures. I
> posted some video taken with my ChaseCam. Some of the quality is not
> as good as it should be since I mounted the camera to the plastic
> windscreen, and it's bouncing all over the place. I also use a RacePak
> G2X datalogger, and overlay the data on the video. My car broke at the
> last event, so I lent the camera to Steve Belfer, and we used a
> different mount, and his video came out great, although we ran out of
> space on the camera, and we missed his last effort at passing Paul
> Konkle (yellow mg). Check out the video at
> I figure people who are still snowed in will be stoked to see some
> west coast racing.
> -Mark
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