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May well be, but the KERS issue has a lot to do with it as well.  The Brawn
cars are not running KERS this year and will have to do so next year.
Ferrari is running the technology on both cars.

Since there are a lot of issues with weight distribution when using that
technology, it can cause some tradeoffs to achieving optimum results.  

Ferrari spent a lot of their development time on KERS while Brawn spent all
their time on aerodynamic development.  I wonder whether Brawn would be as
fast at this time if KERS has been mandated for this season.

Joe C.

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The speed may actually have more to do with the teams that started 
developing their 09 cars sooner are ahead of last years front running 
teams in the current development cycle rather then just the diffuser 
issue.  This seems plausible if you look at the qualifying weight of 
the cars - now that the teams have to reveal how much fuel they have on

Button has enough fuel to go 22 laps while Massa can only go as far 
as 18 laps.  Kubica in the BMW will be stopping on lap 17
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