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Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 09:12:43 +0100
I currently download it and give it a try.


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Hi Everyone,

As many of you already know, as a side project for the past 3 years I have
been working on a piece of software with a colleague called DashWare.
DashWare allows you to analyze video and data together, as well as overlay
gauges on top of video. Until recently ChaseCam was our exclusive
distributor, and they handled all of our sales and marketing. Our software
always worked with a variety of data loggers and cameras, but most of our
sales were to ChaseCam customers. In an attempt to widen our appeal, in
addition to selling through ChaseCam, we are also selling DashWare
independantly of ChaseCam at We are still working with
ChaseCam, and in fact their new DIVA system uses DashWare for all the
analysis. If you are in the market for a camera and logger I would
definitely recommend the DIVA.

If you already have a camera and a logger, or are thinking of buying either,
check out DashWare. DashWare works with almost every data logger on the
market, as well as many cameras including ChaseCam, GoPro, ContourHD,
ContourGPS and others. One feature that we really like is our compatibility
with multiple loggers, as this increases the likelihood of comparing your
data to someone else's.  There is more information and a free trial
available at

I know commercial posts are controversial on the FOT mailing list, but since
our product was built with racing in mind, I thought it was appropriate. I
myself like seeing what products other triumph racers are offering, but I
understand people do not like to be bombarded with ads. If you have any
questions you can ping me directly or visit the website at




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