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[Fot] Ignition Problem

Subject: [Fot] Ignition Problem
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2010 19:29:49 -0500
 Hello All,

I have a question concerning my ignition - it's a Mallory Dual Point
distributor with mechanical advance and a Crane FireBall Hi-Output Coil PS92
(?).  All are in good condition and set according to my engine tune with fresh
plugs.  When testing for a misfire, pulling one plug wire at a time, I found
the following condition :  if I pull the plug wire for number 1 or number 4
cylinders there is a very noticeable change in the engine's idle.  If I pull
the plug wire for number 2 or number 3 cylinder there is little to no change
in the engine's idle.  There is a spark there but not as big the spark at
number 1 and 4.

Serious diagnosis will be most appreciated, or at least a direction of where
to start looking.

Spitfire looking for power,
Bob T.
'64 Spit GT  autocrosser



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