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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 18:08:47 -0500
Very good rods but NOT the same as 1500 (FM engine prefix) or the FK prefix
1300 which was the large crank 1296 used in the Mk4. If they fit the 1147
Spit in the Mk1&2 those engines have a prefix of FC; the small crank 1296
(desirable for racing) has an engine prefix of FE or FD. 
Hope that helps avoid confusion.

Russ Moore
Spitfire #49 

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Hey membership,

Got a set of almost new Carillo rods for a 1300 Spitfire ( I think they
are the same for 1147 and 1500 too). Anyway my engine builder wants to
use Pauter rods so my loss is your gain. 500.00 gets them.

Mark Craig
Diesel Performance Parts, INC.
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Nashville, TN 37211
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