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[Fot] KCUP Garages. Road America

Subject: [Fot] KCUP Garages. Road America
From: Joe Alexander <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 09:49:23 -0500
Paddock Master Jason Ostrowski and I met this weekend. A few notes:

Of the 36 stalls, Jason is making 32 available.

We will be using the middle four stalls for various activities. This includes
Marty Sukey's shirt distribution. There will be some regalia available.

VSCDA Tech inspection will occur on Thursday afternoon, in place, in the
stalls. And we hope to run the rest of the TRs through the center of the
garages. This will give us enormous efficiencies over driving to the Tech

Ernie Hussman has agreed to oversee our interests in the Tech Process at the

Now for the money part. We borrowed money from the FOT Till to pay for the
garages. If you have not sent your $50/stall, please do. Please remit to Jason
as requested. I think we have a waiting list.


Jason  &  Joe


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