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Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2015 23:55:08 +0000
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The battle of "what is vintage" rages on. There was a time when all the TR's 
had OEM brakes and some guys had better pads. There was a time when all the 
TR's had 87MM pistons and some were running forged pistons. There was a time 
when all the TR's ran on Bias ply tires and some guys bought new ones every 
weekend. There was a time when updating to modern components was frowned upon, 
and some of us are nostalgic for that time. One of the joys of vintage racing 
is the cost containment of living to a point in time set of rules, say the 1972 
GCR. Build it to the best you can to those specs and race it the best you can 
against similarly built machinery. Joy. There was a time when that was what 
vintage racing was. 

Get nitrided or chrome pistons for your TR brakes, use high quality racing 
brake fluid, bled them before each race weekend and you are good to go. 

Bob Kramer

---- Scott Janzen <> wrote: 
> Brakes are definitely a limiting factor in many vintage cars.  One of the 
> things that keep them vintage.  The rules for the three clubs below 
> essentially say - calipers of the same size and number of pistons, rotors 
> ditto.
> SVRA says - 3. Alternate rotors and drums of the same diameter and thickness 
> are permitted. Rotors may be drilled or grooved.
> 4. Alternate calipers or wheel cylinders must be of the same material, design 
> and number of pistons as the original component. There must be no increase in 
> the frictional surface of the pads or shoes 
> VRG  - Brakes must be the original type (disc, drum), size, and design as 
> supplied by the manufacturer, or listed option, for the model.  Updating from 
> drum to disc will result in reclassification if eligibility timeline (e.g. 
> 1960) is crossed.  Lining and pad materials are free.  Rotors may be drilled 
> or grooved, but must be same diameter, thickness, and material as originally 
> supplied.  Modern aftermarket calipers are not permitted.  
> VDCA - Braking systems must be of the same type as standard for the year of 
> manufacture or as homologated by the original manufacturer for that year.  
> Updating or backdating is not allowed.
> 1.       Aftermarket brake calipers are prohibited
> On Dec 1, 2015, at 2:24 PM, STEPHEN BOROWSKI wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am starting the selection for front brakes on my TR4 racer. Naturally the 
> old stock ones are out. Are the Toyota four piston calipers good enough? They 
> are less expensive and easy to get, with disks and assorted pads. Which after 
> market models work well and bolt wright in? Which disks work the best and 
> last? 10 inch, 10.5 inch -- bigger or smaller?
> All comments are welcome!
> Thank You,
> Steve & Matthew
> Florida TR4 Racing
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