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Re: [Fot] Evo-Spec 2012 Ferrari 458 Challenge for sale on BaT Auctions

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Subject: Re: [Fot] Evo-Spec 2012 Ferrari 458 Challenge for sale on BaT Auctions
From: Dave via Fot <>
Date: Tue, 19 May 2020 18:58:00 -0700
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The guy had seat covers installed.  Duh.  He was trying to preserve the 
condition of the seats.  Well, after the brown stained covers were removed they 
were still like new.  The rest of the car was scrap.  
Dave H. 
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> On May 19, 2020, at 6:27 PM, Mark J Bradakis via Fot <> 
> wrote:
>> On 5/19/20 6:55 PM, Mike Harmuth wrote:
>> What the H can you hit there? There's not even a turn.
>> Darwin at work
> There are a few gentle turns and some elevation changes along the route we 
> picked out.  My friend Rich was the main man, I was his assistant.  We spent 
> quite a few hours scouting the rural roads of Utah to find this spot.  And 
> doing a couple of test passes in a Utah Highway Patrol Crown Vic along the 
> route seemed fine.  But we never went over 100 - 110 mph.
> The morning of the event there were many drivers ready to give it a go.  
> About 5th out was this bright orange Camaro, heavily modified.  It finished 
> up at the end of the run clocked at 195 mph.  The event was a fundraiser for 
> the UHP, with the money going into the Fallen Heroes Fund or whatever it was 
> actually called, which provided financial assistance to families of troopers 
> who were killed in the line of duty. The kicker on this event was that the 
> drivers would pay a "fine" of $1 per mph clocked at the finish.  After 
> already shelling out something like 5 grand for the entry fee.
> Anyway, a few cars after that Bitchin' Camaro the jeweler's son took off in 
> the Enzo.  We had spotters along the route at many of the mileposts, and they 
> would radio in a quick word when a car passed there station.  A rough guess 
> based on the time between spotters calling in the Ferrari's position was that 
> it was closing in on 200 mph.  The spotter who saw it at the end said it hit 
> a small rise in the road, got airborne and when the front wheels hit the 
> ground they were pointed in a different direction than the rest of the car.  
> So it went sideways and rolled 6 - 7 times.  At 200 mph.  The car 
> disintegrated, leaving major chunks scattered along the side of the road for 
> about a mile and a half.  Left rear quarter over there, engine and gearbox 
> there, and so on.  But as you can see from the picture, the passenger 
> compartment, the carbon fiber roll cage, was intact and in one piece.  Some 
> fine engineering.  Driver was banged up and bruised, but not as badly as one 
> might expect given the details of the mishap.
> And over a period of the next few years a local shop pieced the car back 
> together, making some changes and the driver ended up setting a land speed 
> record in the car out at the Salt Flats.
> And oddly enough, Rich and I were not contacted about assisting with the 
> event the following year.
> mjb.
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