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Re: [Fot] Hard Question; Kastner Cup

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Subject: Re: [Fot] Hard Question; Kastner Cup
From: Joe Alexander via Fot <>
Date: Thu, 21 May 2020 20:17:07 -0500
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Fair Question Phil:

â??Bestâ??.   In our history, some of the Kastner Cups were small intimate 
events where good friends got together, raced together, and had a good time. 
This can be one of those events.

â??Significantâ??.  We had Kas at Mid-Ohio in 2002. It was the start of 
something very important to many of us. Ideally, â??The Return to Mid-Ohioâ?? 
would have been 2022, but it didnâ??t seem like a good idea to wait for 
combined anniversary of the 1st Big Triumph event in 1992 (the 50th Anniversary 
of Triumphs in Competition) and the 20th Anniversary of the Kastner Cup.

So letâ??s put â??Bestâ?? and â??Significantâ?? together and just do it. 

It wonâ??t be the major production that was originally conceived, but thatâ??s 
out of our control. But we can do what we can to Honor Kasâ?? Contribution to 
the Motorsports World, with the people that are able to be there.

It will also be an opportunity for you guys to discuss the future of â??Triumph 
Focus Eventsâ??. It doesnâ??t have to end at Mid-Ohio. It shouldnâ??t. But it 
can be re-invented into something very significant. Kastner Cup II.

The FOT and the Kastner Cup has quietly garnered recognition and respect on a 
global level. We have the best and most significant people in the sport. When 
we go to Watkins Glen, Road Atlanta, Road America, and Mid-Ohio, the GATE is 
huge. And usually we have more fun than any other groups.

So the 18th Running of the Kastner Cup promises to be the Best and most 

We have Clark Lincolnâ??s Poster and Shirt artwork, plenty of room in the 
paddock, and our friends at hand. 

What more could we ask for. See you there, if you can....all of you.

Joe Alexander
4505 Donald Dr
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Cell:  319.464.4711

> On May 21, 2020, at 7:26 PM, Phil Gott via Fot <> wrote:
> I hate to be â??the guy,â?? but it needs to be asked: we have been told 
> this will be the best and most significant Kastner Cup ever. Under normal 
> circumstances, that would be enough for me to go. Prior SVRA events Iâ??ve 
> attended have been great fun, and I trust the FOT organizers to Pit on a 
> great program. But this year is different. SVRA seems to be doing everything 
> in its power to minimize viral risks. But there are still risks, especially 
> to us â??FOGs.â??
> A good deal of the fun of these events is the social side, and as far as I 
> can tell ( please correct me if I am wrong) the social aspects have been 
> canceled as part of mimimixing the health risks.  We will be wearing masks 
> when not in our cars. For me that
> means spending the weekend looking out through foggy glasses.
> Yes, this will likely be the most memorable Kastner Cup ever.
> But the question is: what is planned that will make this the best and most 
> significant Kastner Cup ever?
> Thanks,
> Phil
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