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Re: Geez for Dummies

Subject: Re: Geez for Dummies
From: Todd Green <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 21:27:21 -0700
>overall ratings of the run, either.  IMO, ratings as they apply to smaller, 
>critical areas of a run, such as transitioning, are much more important than 
>the overall rating.  I would suggest concentrating on smaller pieces of a 
>particular driving function and focus on improving there

I've also found it critical to jot down (at least mentally if not on
paper) *your* impressions of your run.  Where did you push, where were
you too harsh on the throttle, where did you let your eyes dip and
forget to look ahead, etc..  Then correlate it to the data that GEEZ gives
you.  Over time you'll learn how the squiggly lines on the graph
correspond to how you succeeded or failed on the course.  Like Mark,
says, I'm a GEEZ grasshopper, so take the advice for what it is worth :)

>While not claiming to be a Geez expert, the best thing I ever did with Geez 
>was printing out most of the software screens to read and study for 2 months 
>before ever actually installing and using the hardware.

I admire the will-power, I had GEEZ up and running around the parking
lot about .5 seconds after I got it. ;)   I think I read the manual
enough to calibrate the cube and as soon as I saw I got 1 G on my
desktop, I was off to the parking lot scaring my co-workers *evil grin*

Back to books, I picked up _Data Power_ by Buddy Fey on sale (don't
remember where, sorry) and it is worth the read, IMHO. ISBN


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