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RE: Spanner goblin and clutch hydraulics

To: "'Bill Lawrence'" <ynotink@qwest.net>,
Subject: RE: Spanner goblin and clutch hydraulics
From: "Alex" <alexmm@adelphia.net>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 11:56:12 -0400
Yup Bill, that's what I did. No need to do any welding, as suggested by a
more well-equipped lister!  I may fab a block of hardwood though.

BTW, with my new clutch master cylinder and re-built slave, the
transmission/clutch is silky smooth. I can't believe I was driving around on
the old hydraulics. You know, it's a case of something wearing out over a
long period of time, and you don't notice the continual degradation---until
you fix it!

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     Former owner 1957 100-6, 1967 BJ8
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You could just stuff a few clean rags in there and use them for wiping

Bill Lawrence

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