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Re: So whats the answer?

To: Magnus Karlsson <492karlsson@telia.com>
Subject: Re: So whats the answer?
From: john <jnew@hazelden.ca>
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 01:38:39 -0400
Magnus is mostly right.

Most email clients come with both a 'Reply' option (which works as
Magnus describes, addressing the reply to the sender only) as well as a
'Reply To All' option, which should not only address the reply to the
sender but also to the mailing list.

John P. New
London, Ontario, Canada
'67 BJ8

On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 01:18, Magnus Karlsson wrote:
> When you push the "answer" button your answer is automatically adressed 
> to the sender of the mail. Delete that adress and replace with the 
> adress of the Healey list. Also you must edit out the bottom lines or 
> your reply wont be accepted by the Healey lists server.
> Magnus Karlsson
> Sweden
> > This is a terrific list and I enjoy reading the posts every day. This 
> > isn't a
> > gripe, it's a request. How about posting back to the list instead of 
> > "off
> > list" ? That way we all get the benefit of the answering post. Regards 
> > to all,
> > Michael Shepard '67 3000

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