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Re: Rememerance Day (no Healey content)

To: "Blue One Hundred" <international_investor@yahoo.com>,
Subject: Re: Rememerance Day (no Healey content)
From: "Keith Turk" <kturk@ala.net>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 05:39:17 -0600
What a fabulous story... thank you Alan for sharing it....

Keith Turk
retired AH-64 Apache Instructor pilot... ( Ah-1 Cobra instructor as well )

It is the only mission my
> father flew which is officially declassified by the
> CIA.  You can read about it here:
> http://www.cia.gov/csi/studies/95unclass/Leary.html
> and my dad is in the cockpit here:
> http://www.cia.gov/csi/studies/95unclass/104.gif

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